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We want our excursions to be enjoyable but, above all, safe. Here are our guidlines on safety during excursions.

  • graphic of a green tickYou take part in a trip at your own risk.
  • graphic of a green tickChildren under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • graphic of a green tickLet the leader know if you have any condition which may affect how you participate.
  • graphic of a green tickBe aware of your surroundings and don’t take risks.
  • graphic of a green tickKeep in contact with the group and notify the leader if you wish to leave the group early.
  • graphic of a green tickWear or carry clothing and footwear suitable for a day out in any terrain or weather conditions. A stick is often useful.
  • graphic of a green tickBring adequate food, a packed lunch, and drink for the type of activity and weather conditions.
  • graphic of a green tickBring a mobile phone (charged and switched on).
  • graphic of a green tickPlease do not bring a dog.
  • graphic of a green tickPlease do not smoke.

A leader reserves the right to change or cancel trips if circumstances dictate.